Product-Driven Results

From early prototypes to production-ready designs,
Igor meets your project where it matters most.

We take pride that our engineers are not only some of the most creative, well-versed engineers you're likely to meet, but that we take our commitment to our client's business success as seriously as the technical details of the designs we produce. We put that attitude to work every day, collaborating with our clients to realize beautiful, functional product experiences on the timeline and budget that serves them best.

All under one roof

The real magic here is not that we have creative, experienced engineers working to develop your products; it’s that we work together to do it. Igor is built on the philosophy that integration and collaboration are the best strategies for building groundbreaking products. And, we strive to bring that philosophy to every aspect of our work, from where we sit (real close to each other) to how we organize our folders.

Mechanical Engineering

Our mechanical engineers strive to deliver the beautiful visions that our design partners generate. From the earliest prototypes and models all the way through manufacturing builds, they provide a technical perspective that balances user experience, reliability, and cost.

Electrical Engineering

Electrical engineers at Igor have wide experience with a variety of electrical systems, which are often at the heart of a today's products' innovative experiences. They handle it all, from designing system architecture and proof-of-concept prototypes through the optimized solutions that end up in the hands of your many customers.

Firmware Development

The high-touch interactions of modern devices require well-designed software systems that deliver elegant experiences while maintaining reliability and minimizing power consumption. Our firmware teams are experienced at developing on many processor architectures and peripherals, ensuring that you get quality support no matter what your product's computing needs.

Project Management

A good project is one that runs smoothly. A good partner is one that keeps you informed. Igor's program management tactics aim to do both, delivering the results you need and the confidence that comes with knowing you have a partner who's collaborating with you to achieve your goals.

With you from kickoff to completion

From our years in the industry, we knew there were obvious gaps in the product development process. When we started Igor, we identified that bringing engineers like ourselves on-board during the infancy of design was a critical missing link. This early-stage involvement gives us opportunities to ask questions, highlight challenges and present viable options for a more effective and seamless development cycle. By presenting you with technical realities upfront, our goal is to help you mitigate risk and avoid cost overrun-not to mention headaches-in the long-term.

Igor excels at early-stage product validation. You’ll get a thorough report on feasibility, including product architecture, volumetrics, and cost estimates.

Strategic Involvement

Clarifying your business goals is the foundation we use to execute your vision as effectively as possible-no miscommunication, no confusion, no back-pedaling.

In-Depth Collaboration

Product development is a lot like choreography—there are a lot of moving parts that need to align with precise timing. How do we do that? By working with you every step of the way.

Technical Guidance

This is our wheelhouse: the part where we get analytical about your concept to uncover the engineering realities—and, more importantly, the options—you need to move forward with confidence.

Our Creations

Sqord Booster

Filling a gap in the wearable fitness market, Seattle-based Sqord developed a device durable enough for kids and intelligent enough for parents to monitor their activity remotely.

Having been in production for almost a year on the second version of their product, Sqord came to Igor seeking help optimizing their manufacturing operation. Struggling to hit volume targets and losing significant margin to manufacturing expenses, Sqord needed a partner manufacturing expertise to help reexamine their manufacturing partners.

With Igor’s help, they were able to reduce their BOM cost by more than 30%, increase their production capacity to match demand, raise the product quality, and establish clearer lines of communication with their overseas partners. (And, on top of that, Igor’s firmware team optimized the product’s firmware to extend the battery life by 3 months.)


When they came to Igor, Chronos was in the infancy stages of developing its product—an ultra-thin, connected accessory for traditional wristwatches.

Building a discreet-yet-powerful device that could affix to the back of watches unobtrusively to deliver all the features of a smartwatch, such as fitness tracking and notifications, was a challenge that seemed tailor-made for Igor’s engineers. Having participated in hardware accelerator incubator Highway 1, the Chronos team turned to Igor for help polishing their demo in advance of investor presentations. Leveraging our firmware and electrical engineering capabilities, Igor developed tap-control and LED functionality, Bluetooth stack management, and power optimization for the device. Those demos gave the Chronos team the advantage they needed to secure first-round seed funding.

After funding, Igor continued work with Chronos to develop mechanical and electrical system architectures, build form-factor prototypes for further demos and testing, and ready their designs for mass production.

Omniwear Cap

Igor helped Omniwear develop form factor prototypes of their revolutionary first product, the Omniwear Cap, a wearable haptic feedback device that uses your head's sense of touch for communication.

Collaborating with Igor's trusted industrial design partner, we provided the full range of engineering and project management services to develop a fully functional development platform that brought the electronics onto the head without sacrificing aesthetics and ergonomics. The custom electronics design was integrated into a new on-head housing with technical softwoods shell and haptic actuators. In addition, a Windows USB driver and SDK (software development kit) was built for programmers to begin experiencing haptic effects while building the functionality into their games. The testing and design exploration of this production will be used to generate interest among developers and investors to bring haptic feedback technology and integration to the market.

Confidential Projects

(We know how to keep a secret.)

Many of our clients haven't launched yet; we're still working hard to help them put their products in your hands. Rest assured, they’re cooking up some great new ideas-in a wide variety of industries-and we’re excited to be able to help them make a big splash when they're ready.